Adriana Rinaldi
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She’s certainly making up for lost time. Over the past year alone, she’s completed more than two dozen pieces — about 20 of which she’ll have at a solo show-and-sale at Visual Arts Mississauga starting today (Monday, May 26) and running through the weekend.

Call it de-stressing; in her paintings Rinaldi is drawn to the quiet, meditative aspects of the natural world.

“I am fascinated by the shapes of plants, leaves, pods, branches and twigs and the play of light and shade on their surfaces,” she says. “These patterns generate visual rhythm and meditative interest for me. Reflections and shadows give me a chance to stop and observe complex patterns in nature.”

Rinaldi’s paintings of flowers are so well executed, they’re featured in an edition devoted to floral artists by Arabella, a magazine that showcases Canadian art, architecture and design.

“They offer an endless variety of colour and subject,” she says of her fascination with flowers.

Besides, floral paintings sell well.

“Everybody likes to have one because, unlike fresh flowers, they don’t die,” she says laughing.

Rinaldi credits Kathy Marlene Bailey, a VAM instructor, for teaching her the old masters style of painting. Although Rinaldi had found success in sales and juried shows, she says she never felt quite fully satisfied until she finally discovered traditional glaze oil painting.

“The traditional, beautiful and ancient technique was so steeped in depth and subtleties. The processes spoke to my meditative and methodical nature and facilitated a burst of exploration into the amazing and beautiful things that had always fascinated me,” she says.

Rinaldi is a member of the Springbank Artist Group, which meets at MacEwan House in Riverwood Park. Although she currently lives in Oakville, she used to live in Clarkson and prefers to hang out in this city to do her art.

“It seems there’s more going on in art in Mississauga. It’s home for my art,” she says.

VAM is located at located at 4170 Riverwood Park, off Burnhamthorpe Rd. W. Exhibition times are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. For more information call 905-277-4313.